Angela Deczynski

Angela, better known as Ang to her friends, was born in Brooklyn N Y. She made a pit stop in New Jersey for 15 years before moving to Florida in 2013. After working on Wall Street for 10 years, she decided to change careers and work with the furry animals that her family knew she would always end up doing. As a child she would bring home all the birds that flew into the school windows; never to fly again. There were also few stray cats and dogs, as she would rescue them and say to her parents “but they don’t have anywhere to go”.  Her experience expands over 3 decades with emergency, technician, kennel, grooming, and reception.  She has taught obedience training and worked privately as well.   She enjoys interacting with the clients and prefers to be upfront where it all begins.  Ang  joined the Countryside family in October 2016.  Her most memorable time was when a horse (miniature pony of course) walked into the clinic and had to get his hooves wrapped so he could walk and the countless goats and pigs that she sees. She currently resides in Homosassa with her husband John, Labrador Jerzee and cat Baker. She has 2 children and 1 stepson. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, gardening, swimming in her pool and riding her motorcycle with her husband.