Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer was born in Burlington, Vermont.  She attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, studying Physical Education; then the International Correspondence School to become an Animal Care Specialist.  She moved to Ocala, Florida in 1980 where she lives with her husband Bryan.

Jennifer joined the Countryside Animal Clinic team in March, 2000, and has since been promoted to Animal Care Supervisor.  She has an extensive knowledge in animal care, especially in the areas of surgical recovery and nursing.

Jennifer’s fondest clinic memory was when she was walking at the front of the clinic one morning, and heard a dog start barking and howling like crazy.  Looking around, she see’s Hobo and his owner, who we treated for heart-worms.  Butch pulled his owner over to Jennifer, jumped up on her knocking her flat, and proceeded to kiss her all over the face.  His owner said he has never done that to anyone except her.  Jennifer has that effect on many of the Countryside patients and boarders!

Jennifer and Bryan’s extensive four legged family include the rescued kitties Doyle (her problem child), Samantha, Tabitha, Mandy, Onyx, Black Jack, Ace, Traveler, Mittens and Amy. Her hobbies are working with plants as well as animals, antiquing, and reading.