Samantha Rogers

Samantha was born in Miami, FL and moved to Citrus County as a young girl. The daughter of a Veterinary Technician, Sam has been involved in the veterinary field her entire life. Sam is currently working towards her Associates degree at the College of Central Florida, where she is a Student Ambassador. She hopes to one day become a Veterinarian.

In her free time, Sam enjoys horseback riding, modeling, drawing, and playing with her red short-haired dachshund named Daisy. Samantha recently became engaged to her high school sweetheart, Orlando, and they will be married as soon as they find the time to plan a wedding!

The most rewarding part of Samantha’s job is helping sick animals get well, and sharing that happiness with their owners. She finds especially memorable the cases where the pet is barely hanging on and makes a complete recovery, such as the chihuahua who had a tumor weighing one-third its body weight!

Samantha’s favorite animal is a cheetah because they have such a strong and beautiful physique.