Lending A Helping Hand

Dr. Tikey I am so impressed with the work you did on Ninja after the pitt bull ripped him apart, so appreciative for your discounts and just your special love for animals that you would even help to the degree that you did. I know I was supposed to bring him back, but you know my room-mate and I would like to show you what a great job you and your staff did to save his life. He is fully functional with not even a little problem with the muscle you repaired and looking at him now, you wouldn’t even know he was that severely injured. Thanks to you and your team of animal lovers he is living a normal life just as nothing ever happened to him. If I ever come in to any money your hospital would be the first on my list for donations, actually I would probably give your hospital just about all I got. Not to many animal hospitals or dr.’s would go as far as you all did to save an animal. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I don’t have a smart phone to show you all how well he is doing but, I will bring him to see you. I need to bring one of my other cats to see you and will call tomorrow for an appointment as you are the best in the area and would trust all of my critters with your care.! Dr. Tikey you are an exceptional person and for all the animal’s sake, I wish there was more caring and compassionate people like you.!